The books every young writer should read, according to Ernest Hemingway

In 1934, a young man named Arnold Samuelson was fresh out of journalism school at the University of Minnesota when he read "One Way Across," a short story by Ernest Hemingway. The story later became part of Hemingway's fourth novel "To Have and Have Not." Samuelson admired the story so much that he traveled from [...]



Out of all the social media accounts I use, Instagram has got to be my absolute favourite. I love the idea of curating my life with images and I love that I get to share in the documentation of the other's lives. Its probably a bit voyeuristic, but that has never stopped me ;-) One [...]

Tribute: Like a Naughty Girl Pulling her skirt up in public

Few people know the person I used to be before I became who I am today. Even I have forgotten bits of who I used to be, so consumed with who I am now. Tonight, while working on my company's website, I cam across a folder with all the images I had on an old [...]