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TED: What young women believe about their own sexual pleasure

Why do girls feel empowered to engage in sexual activity but not to enjoy it? For three years, author Peggy Orenstein interviewed girls ages 15 to 20 about their attitudes toward and experiences of sex. She discusses the pleasure that’s largely missing from their sexual encounters and calls on us to close the “orgasm gap” by talking candidly with our girls from an early age about sex, bodies, pleasure and intimacy.



High Above with India Arie

I love the creative arts, especially performance theatre. I came across this amazing short film about a young girl who’s searching for healing in the wake of her grandmother’s passing. After her mother throws away show tickets, she decides to attend a Dance Theatre of Harlem performance. The young girl watches in awe as the Black ballerinas whirl with grace, later finding herself beaming with inspiration as a result.

Written by Charlie Sohne and directed by Daniel Schloss, it truly is beautiful piece of work



Paul Sika and digital storytelling…

The work of Ivorian digital artist and storyteller, Paul Sika, is as thought provoking as it is captivating. I especially love the extreme visual quality of his images, which, for me, entices me to engage with every single detail of each image.

There is serious beauty in the rawness of his work. The more I look at it, the more I love it.


– C.







Daily Inspiration: Daily Prints in Fashion

It’s rare these days for me to find a blog that I just click with. I find that in an attempt to stand out, most blogs that I come across are strikingly generic, but I was pleasantly surprised by the refreshingly quirky and informative posts on Daily Prints in Fashion.

My current personal favourite is her post ‘My Favourite Hangouts in Accra‘, which brought some really cool gems to my attention. Badly needed since I’ve been away PhD-hustling for the last 3 years or so.

Not to give too much away – because its definitely worth checking out yourself – I’m just going to sign off here and go check out her online Afro-centric shop, africaboutik.


– C.