’s Ultimate Gift Guide

With the festive season quickly approaching, I’ve promised myself to be organized this year and not wait until the last moment to pick up presents for my nearest and dearest. This year, I’ve made a list and I’m getting everyone as personal a gift as I can muster – even if I have to make it myself.

So I’ve been scouring the  internet for gift ideas and one of my favorite sites always have some excellent gift ideas. I also love the idea of supporting the small businesses and individuals that sell their stuff there. Its a win-win situation!

Have a look at some of my favorite items I found on the website’s ‘Ultimate Gift Guide’:

  1. WVNmudcloth

Great stylized gift idea for the home lover/ interior decorator. Pillows are handcrafted with authentic African mudcloth sourced from Mali and Northern Ghana (Prices range from $45-$50).

2. Aredite Label

I love monogramed gifts and Aredite Label have a great selection of monogrammed and personalized clutches, bags and scarves. Definitely a generally great gift idea for someone that you don’t know so well (… all you need are initials!).

3. Afrohemien

I love jewelry and I love artisan handcrafted items. Afrohemien have a great etsy page and on it, they have a fun selection of some really creative pieces. I particularly love this page because the iconography on many of their pieces are Ghanaian Adinkra designs, where each design has a specific meaning. A great gift idea if you want to send subliminal messages to someone.

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