Thursday, 20 October, 2011

Today, when I got to my hotel, CNN were reporting that Ghaddafi has been killed. It saddens me, more so because the media’s recent portrayal of him has been so simplistic. It is not as simple as him being a hardened, murdering dictator. It wasn’t even 2 years ago that the world (Hillary Clinton included) were praising him and his social initiatives (yes, Libyans enjoyed free education all the way up to university, as well as free housing and a host of other social state interventions).

Another African leader villainised by the media and murdered in the name of democracy. Is the decades long reconstructive effort (most contracts that will probably go to Western companies) that Libya now needs to go through, worth it? How many billions of dollars have been lost over the past ten months? How many villages and lives destroyed?

And please don’t get me wrong… I am not against democracy. In fact, I’m all for it! I just don’t know whether I accept the destruction of a country and the standard of living for a people as a means to that end.

What do you think?

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